Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics part 2

Aren't they great! Who'd have thought I would sit enthralled by a bicycle race? I thought it was good when we were ahead of France but to be ahead of Australia - for however briefly it will be - bloody marvelous!
Anyway. I have three observation brought on by incessant Olympic watching.
1. Notice how there are five olympic rings representing five continents. That's how many there were when I was at school but between my education and my children's education there have become 7 continents. Who decided that?
2. I was watching Nastia Liukin, the American gymnast one morning before work (whatever, it's only a fortnight, I'm not actually turning into Homer Simpson). Anyway, she finished her mat work which was clearly very good and when she finished her coach kissed her on the lips. Then kept kissing her. I was totally horified! When I related this to Erin and Mike later in the day Mike looked her up and we discovered that her coach was her father. Phew! We all thought! Then a few moments later we all though. Nooo! That is still inappropriate. It wasn't normal parental affection or maybe I'm just too British. What do other people think?
3. The reporters seem so intrusive. They keep interviewing people who have lost out on a medal. They interviewed Paula Radcliffe who was in tears, literally sobbing, and kept saying "How do you feel". Then they interviewed the other Jamaican guy who was in the 100 metres and more or less said. "What does it feel to be a loserr" I could go on.
4. (OK I can't count) Since when did medal become a verb?


Helen said...

Even I'm watching it - though the roundup show in the evenings. It is so exciting to be 3rd!! We won't stay there because the track and field stuff will be won by the others but the cycling and sailing folks - wow!! I suppose it isn't that surprising that we have good sailors really as we do have a lot of sea around us. I have my doubts about nastia's parents just because of the name. Did they really want the girl to have no friends ever? Clearly the answer is yes judging by the kiss you described. (ugh). I felt so sorry for the Chinese hurdler with the injury - devestating for him

oreneta said...

YES YES YES...I had the same nasty reaction to the Nastia thing...i am glad he is her Dad anyway, but still inappropriate I think..ick....and the name? WHO names their child Nastia? Honestly.

The commentators on CBC are also making me insane, stupid intrusive and obnoxious question, I have taken to turning it off with a shudder of embarassment and revulsion. ugh..and the cameras at the gymnastics? Could they back up just a little?

Kate said...

I also saw that gymnast being kissed - wrong on so many levels and the fact he's her dad kind of makes it even more wrong?!

Haven't watched much of it to be honest but love the fact we're beating the aussies, love the fact all these random sports are getting some limelight as it makes a nice change from football and finally loving the fact that we Brits are enjoying a rare moment of national pride. Rule Britannia :)