Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please sponsor me...

So after my abortive attempts to sign up for the Sport Relief 6 mile run (3 times online and twice over the phone and due to 'technical difficulties' had no joy) I have since been thinking about looking for another 'race' of about the same length to give me a bit of a challenge. Then whilst walking Saffy at Coate Water Park this afternoon I found a flyer (as if by fate) in the grass advertising a 10k run for Cancer Research UK in the autumn.

Before I could back out, I came home and signed up for it - argh! So I'm now committed to running 10k on 21st September at Bowood House and it would be wonderful if you could sponsor me to incentivise me to do it, and do it well (i.e. get round in under an hour). I have an online page set up which is this:

In addition to the obvious charity benefits, I am hoping to further improve my fitness and lose some more weight. The bridesmaid 'diet' I began a year ago was essentially a lifestyle change and has yielded results.; for my best friend's wedding, which is next Saturday, I have managed to lose a total of 24lbs (not quite the 2 stone I was aiming for) and a total of 19 inches from my chest, waist and hips. This 'race' is therefore a good challenge for me to keep up the good work and reach my overall goal of being a size 12 (I believe this is size 8 US or 38 European for our international readers).

So help me get skinny and sponsor me :)

Thanks in advance

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