Monday, May 05, 2008

Mid-afternoon post

Ah, much better when sober.
Here is a picture of sarah and her 30th birthday cake:

Sarah and Boo sharing a joke
Andy's speech
And here is Alice (Kierans Fiance - and maybe that isn't the right spelling and punctuation)
and Brian at the Bristish Museum Courtyard restaurant

And Boo and Linda at the same venue
Now for the more exciting stuff - the Doctor Who exhibition that we went to after lunch. We being Martins plus Alice.

Look, K9 and Boo

Alice meets the Doctor by a phone box (shame about his face - the projection got washed oout by the flash I guess)
Don't blink!
The face of Bo (yes Bo, not Boo.............)
And now Cybermen - but the best picture is next

Yes, it is Kieran and he is inside the Tardis - woo!!
That's it for now. We've been to the Botanics today, had lunch in Cambridge, bought Asparagus, strawberries and Cherries, so slumming it again eh?


katemcnabb said...

Oooo bet Ad will be jealous of the Dr. Who stuff...I must admit I'm not so much, but still looks like fun :)

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Hehe! Terminology to describe me certainly seems to be causing problems! I am a 'Martin-to-be' I guess...

What a jolly weekend it was. I'm very pleased that we went to the Dr. Who exhibition... It was even a little scary! Just what Dr. Who should be. :o)

erin said...

that cake looks delicious!