Friday, May 23, 2008

Helen has a new camera

I have got a new camera and so I am showing you some of the pictures I have taken. It has a fantastic zoom lens so I have managed to get some close ups. here we have the rare(ish) Brian gardening man - you can see he is at home in the knee deep grass after having not been at the cottage for a month in the spring.

here are 3 rooks pretending to be the 3 ravens in the folk song and looking surprisingly decorative against the sky

This is a ceanothus flower from the garden

This is Mrs Whinchat who we saw when we were out for a walk. She is about the size of a sparrow, and she was sitting on a branch looking decorative. However as is usually the way with birds, here we have Mr Whinchat who looks more decorative. He is really very pretty though. Last summer when we were out walking we saw a whole family - Mr, Mrs and 3 young Whinchats all sitting on the fence chatting to each other. I think they are pretty common round Pembrokeshire.

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Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Lovely! Another reminder that I really do want a Digital Camera... I currently just use my phone. :o)