Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Nobody is posting any more and I am really getting a bit perturbed by seeing Tom’s nether regions every time I check the blog.
So, just to prove that everyone’s lives our probably more interesting than mine. Here is my thoughts on names.
Cataloguing and ordering papers at work is often brightened up by laughing at people’s names. One of my favourites is Fartmann!
However recently I have been ordering papers on a specific somatic mutation. One prolific author is Mr Barstard another prolific author is Mr Randi.
Surely one day they must do a paper together. What joy that would bring to my life!


oreneta said...

I don't know, I was getting kind of fond of Tom's nether regions.

We knew a couple who got together, her last name was Blunt, his Butt.

Hee hee hee

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

There was someone called Gordon Bennet at HSBC... I think I told you that already, but it warrants repetition! I fear his parents were either rather naive or mean. :o)

Helen said...

People who garden often have appropriate names - Titchmarsh, Flowerdew, to name the 2 that spring to mind. Barry also has a Mrs Onion (pronounced o-nye-o-nee) and a Mrs Hoare (pronounced whore), and one day Pam served both Mrs Hoare and Mrs Tart one after each other. one of the drivers was a Mr Hogsflesh (and he was very proud of it!)We collected appropriate names one year and did a card with them all on for Xmas. It made us laugh anyway!

Helen said...

Oh, and Mike used to go to school with a girl called Teresa Green (and in a Scouse accent it is much much worse). And someone called Daphne Morris married Mr Duffy and refused to go through life called Daphne Duffy - and who can blame her?