Sunday, November 04, 2007


We have just returned from a weekend of visiting Erin in the beautiful city of York. We decided to do the touristy things. We went to the Minster, quite splendid but if they are going to charge you to get in they need to get their cashiers sorted out. A geriatric and a twelve year old just weren’t shortening the queue quickly! In the evening they have an Art Installation projected against the West Face which reacts to sound. It is quite snazzy

After that , as Erin didn’t want to go to the railway museum(I can’t think why), we decided to go to the Treasurer’s house (pictured) and more specifically the vaults as they were supposed to be haunted by a Roman Legion, but only from their knees up.
It’s a National Trust property and both Trev and I are members so the house was free but we had to pay and extra 2.50 to get in the vaults. Erin is not a member so we would have to pay for her entry to the house plus the money to the vaults. It was here that the cashier decided to try and sell annual NT membership to Erin. Honestly, Erin is queen of the contemptuous, leave me alone stare, but this woman was having none of it. She kept trying to sell membership, clearly not realising that Erin could buy a seasons wardrobe from Primark with £20! When we realised that we would have to pay the extra to get into the vaults the said: “ See the member ship looks good now.” Well it looked exactly the same as members had to pay the extra.
As it happens we didn’t have enough cash and they wouldn’t accept any cards so we went shopping instead. I bought myself some lovely earrings, which in a way were free as we hadn’t spent the money getting into the Vaults.
On our way home we passed through a village called Spital in the Street! Excellent name


oreneta said...

Please please please post a photo of Erin's queen of the contemptuous stare kids are working to de-throne her, and I'd love them to see the competition...

erin said...

to be fair i only stared contemptuously once that woman started nagging about the bloody membership, she deserved it silly bint!!

fran said...

Interesting about the roman legionnaires only being seen from the knees up. Due to the increase in the build up of soil?. I have heard that sightings of tudor apparations are from the ankles up.Is the planet getting bigger, do you think that this change in surface depth has anything to do with global warming?
On the contemptuous stare I believe it must be in the genes,'The Look' has been a part of my repetoire since childhood and those who remember Lola must recall it and she got it from her mother.

Boo and Trev said...

Apparently the Roman road was about a foot lower hence the knee up thing