Thursday, November 22, 2007

News from Wales

Well Nicky is now in Denmark, she left yesterday and won't be home till May, which means she is gone for Christmas which is a bummer, but the opportunity was too good to miss. More when I hear from her.

The other exciting news is that Brian has had the piece he put forward to the SPNM chosed by the BBC Philharmonic and it is going to be performed by them in February next year, along with 2 other pieces by shortlisted composers. This is just fantastic and such an opportunity to have the music performed by one of the BBC orchestras!!! So he gets to spend the Christmas holidays coaxing the printer into printing out the parts, which is the slightly tedious downside.

As an aside - does any priest or religion have a system of excorcizing printers? I am convinced that all the modern little Screwtapes inhabit printers and get so many brownie points in Hell by the frustrations and torments, bad language, tears and general evilness caused by printers that the angels must be all scratching their heads to think how to combat this one. The printers are winning.

love Helen


Boo and Trev said...

That's very exciting news! Well done hime!

Anonymous said...

Printers are demon spawn. If you ever buy one, make sure that cheap replacement cartridges can be used without needing to extract the micro chip from an original first. It isn't easy! Or just pay a small fortune for new genuine (that is overpriced) ones. Hate them all............