Monday, November 19, 2007

The Corn IS as high as an elephants eye

  1. Boo told us authoritatively that corn did not grow well in England and was low and stunted. Well today we went for a walk in the Surrey countryside (posponed from yesterday when it poured, though it rained today too). We went through a field of corn that was 8feet high and prolific, for some reason stilll being unpicked in mid November.

Now I'm not sure how high is an elephants eye, but 8 ft is pretty tall.

The other highlight was the fox we saw.

The lowlight was a very muddy (spelt cowdung) area that we couldn't go round. Mike got through with it spilling over the tops of his boots, but Linda did a faceplant. We were saved by a friendly farmer who let us use his hose.

Walking in England is such fun

Sea Dogs


Helen said...

ONe time I really wished I had had a video camera - I was walking the dog near the beach, through a very muddy bit where the cows churn it all up, and my welly stayed in the mud - my foot came out, and all unbalanced I landed on all fours, splatted everywhere. After a few hysterical minutes, i managed to pull the welly out of the mud and get to the end of the muddy bit. Then, much to Saffy's confusion, I washed myself off in the stream before trundling home, covering the seat under me with the dog towels as I was a lot muddier than the dog. I sympathise!

oreneta said...

Come to SPAIN!!! Walking is much more civilised...It's all gritty sandy dirt which brushes off more easily.

Boo and Trev said...

Come to think of it I have been to a maize maze which clearly had to have corn as high as an elephant's eye or what would have been the point (is that an African or Indian elephant?)
Don't listen to me I talk nonsense most of the time!

erin said...

i realise this isnt quite the same, but there was an event at my uni with a marquee, so you had to walk up this muddy hill to get into it. of course i was wearing stupid heels and they sunk into the mud, leaving me stranded halfway there while my friends walked off and then everyone started laughing at me!! i havnt worn those shoes since...