Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spot the baby moorhen among the lillies
Very old Celtic cross with Ogham writing by Carew Castle
Sunset from the back garden in Llandeloy
Wierd stratification on the rocks you get all along this coast, plus the black rocks as well - very peculiar.
Sunny day - the sea off St David's Head - spot the seagull this time !!

Arty picture of a bit of heather
These were all taken in Pembrokeshire last week. Not quite as glamorous as Morocco, but as you can see stunningly beautiful in the right weather!!


oreneta said...

Very nice, and Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

baby moorhen would be so cute if they didnt have such creepy feet... also they grow up into evil things that fly at you...

Helen said...

Have you been watching too much Alfred Hitchcock? Seagulls now - they really do have evil minds and target clean things esp cars which you have just washed. My car was parked outside work and had been bombed 5 times (!) and none of the others had been touched. And their poop lifts the paint off the car. The only worse things are pigeons. Maybe Hitch had a point.