Monday, June 25, 2007

Travels between Universities

Nice to see so many posts! We spent last weekend picking up Kieran's stuff from Bath, including staying a night and taking Kieran and his housemate (landlord sort of - well it's his parent's money) out for dinner. Here is a picture of Kieran and Fred in Yak Yeti Yak (great name and a great restaurant).

On Sunday we went out for lunch at Demuths, a marvellous vegetarian restaurant, this time with Kieran and Kate. Annoyingly, although I took the camera and spare batteries, I didn't take any pictures.

We had a wet drive home with Kieran's chattels. On Wednesday we're going back to Bath to see him get his degree in Bath Abbey - we're going by train this time. Then on Friday we're off to York to collect Erin and her belongings. Maybe there is a business opportunity for someone here......

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Helen said...

Maybe there should be a parents website which puts people in touch so that you can arrange joint/mutual transporting of stuff. The problem with a business opportunity is that it doesn't space itself well across the year - lots of work beginning and end of terms but nothing in between. At least it's the last year for both of them at the same time.