Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Famous Victory

Well nobody has posted for a while so I have decided to relate a moment of triumph I had last weekend. As you probably know Cambridge is an ancient seat of learning full of clever clogs with unusual facial hair (and that's just the women! ho!ho!) Once a year they have a book festival which ends in a literary quiz. So mybook group, including me, entered. A quiz without a sports round? Bliss! It was packed and we managed to come joint first with two other teams! Clever us! Anyway there was a tie breaker and it was here that we blew our chances. Just before the tie breaker the organizer of the quiz gave a speech. It was then that Judy's (one of our team) hand bag started making a loud noise. It was her rape alarm which had decided to go off of it's own accord! She took it out of the bag to stop it and of course it got louder and she couldn't stop it. She went into the porch with it, thinking she had stopped it and came in again and it went off again. Eventually she did stop it. It was absolutely hilarious. Our jaws were aching with laughter. Anyway after that we came third! (no coincidence). As it happened the prize was to choose a book donated by authors who had appeared at the festival. First place gets first choice etc. But as it happens the book I went for I would have chosen even if we had have come first.
Meanwhile Trev too is having famous victories. His bridge team are in an intercounty competion and he has now got to the stage where he might play international players next!
All exciting stuff.

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Hilarious Catastrophes said...

hehe! Well done. what book did you choose? My house mates and I came third in the Student Union quiz last week.... there were 9's a record for us! we usually come second to last...mainly due to the obscurity of the questions and we're not completely clued up on all corners of pop culture as we should be... :o)