Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bridesmaid diet progress

So, things reeeeallly slowing down now and for the first time I've fallen below the predicted trajectory of 1lb a week :(

However! I will not be defeated! I will keep plugging away until I reach my goal!! And I'm so goddamn close to shifting a stone that I can't give up now. Was very hard at the weekend sitting around not drinking whilst watching Carl happily drink lots of cider and wine and talking him out of buying Indian takeaways...

On a different note, Kieran I'm v.impressed and, a little bit scared by your level of HP knowledge!! Particularly the Regulus Black thing...very intriguing. For the record, I am almost 100% certain Hagrid is going to snuff it, mainly because it will be so gut wrenching.

Also, could someone remind of the book we nominated to read for our book club? I get paid tomorrow so can hit Amazon over the weekend :)

Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


oreneta said...

Go Kate GOOOO!!!! Isn't it normal for women to level off...plateau, and then lose more again? I don't know....sounds like your doing really well to me.

Boo and Trev said...

Well done Kate. Have you continued with the running? Erin has taken it up to counteract the copious amounts of food and alcohol she is consuming at uni. and it seems very effective. However now the clocks have changed she has to do it in daylight. She was most embarrased to be witnessed by some family friends including a girl she was at school with when they were coming out to their car.
The book is Holes by Louis Sachar.

katemcnabb said...

Thanks guys, need all the encouragement I can get. Currently eating fish and chips with a hangover so have fallen off the wagon in a major way today!!

Have continued with the running - I am aiming to get up to 10km for a charity run in september. I'm up to 7km at the moment but I've been on the treadmill because of the dark evenings. But now the clocks have changed I'll be joining Erin puffing around and being majorly embarressed every time I encounter another living soul let alone someone I know!!

Joanne PL said...

god you are amazing - do you know you've inspired me to make the same kind of graph - and Ted and I have been on a major diet together - and he is NAUSEATINGLY strong about it I must say. He has lost 12 kilos already! OK - but I having lost 4 - totally plateaued - and had a very cranky Saturday bitching about making all of these sacrifices without seeing any results - he (reallly -he is an angel) cheered me up admirably and got me to do all sorts of massive exercise - which paid off immediately! So - when I hear that you are running 7 kms - I'm totally amazed - I feel very accomplished when I take the stairs at work.... Anyway - stay strong! Keep it up! Go go go! Food is NOT the most important thing in life - and it is just so easy to say no (well sometimes anyway ;-)