Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bridesmaid diet: Weigh in (and a word about Harry...)

Well I managed to miss my weigh in last week due to being in London for an event. I will also miss next week's as I shall be in Germany for another event with work. I know, get me and my jet set lifestyle.

Anyway, despite being back on the booze and, since the weather got cold, being hungry ALL the time, I have still managed to lose 2lbs since my last weigh in, taking total weight loss to 8lbs and moving past the milestone of the first half a stone :)

For some reason my updated graph won't upload, but it's looking pretty good!

Also a quick word on the subject of Harry. I am convinced a) Dumbledore's not dead...yet! He might well die at the end though, b) Hagrid will die because he's so lovely and it will make everyone cry and c) Voldemort's obviously got to go as well. So that's three people who almost certainly have to die - Harry will live and be the hero I think.

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