Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bridesmaid Diet 2007

So how do most of us start off the new year? On the wagon and on a diet if you're me. However, 2007 holds particular significance for me as on November 4th I shall be a bridesmaid for my best friend.

Miss Kelsie Newton (the bride) is a size 8. The other two bridesmaids are my other best friend Alyson who is approximately a size 10 and Kelsie's cousin Sophie who is also a size 10. So you can see my dilemma as I am not a size 8, nor indeed a size 10. Not even close.

So, bridesmaid bootcamp started yesterday and will continue throughout 2007. Bridesmaid dresses I am told, need to be bought around early September so there will be a particular focus for this date. I am DETERMINED not to be the only fatty in the wedding pictures.

As I am too ashamed to actually tell you all what I actually weigh, I have instead created a graph to chart my weight loss to my goal of 20 lbs (not quite 2 stone). In order to make me stick to this regime I will be posting an update every week to confess how much I have (or haven't) lost. Kind of an online diary room for the dietary challenged.

So here's the graph at the bottom and hopefully I'll be at the top come September.

Wish me luck :)
Love Kate

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Boo and Trev said...

It'll be like Bridget Jones! (Though hopefully more succesful.
Good luck!