Monday, December 11, 2006


Well, you can all blame Christine for this. She tagged Mr K and he tagged us.
I have to say 6 wierd things about Trev and me. (Only 6?)
1. It is a truth universally acknowledge that I am probably a bit obsessed with poo. I'm not proud of it but toilet humour always makes me laugh. Ho hum!
2. I do like to dress up the dog in clothes - luckily Trev stops me.
3. Trevor and I do the dog's voice. He has whole conversations where we are giving him a part in the proceedings.
4. I do have problems opening gates and doors. I am like the opposite of Houdini
5. I am probably more interested in Harry Potter than is normal
6. Trevor is always singing the lyrics Shields Up Shields down to the tune of the Darth Vadar march from Empire strikes back.

OK now I have to tag six people which will have to be contributors because I don't think I know many more bloggers so I tag Joanne, Kate, Helen, Moira, Matt Carter and Matthew Hull. Now you have to write 6 wierd things about yourselves and tag 6 other bloggers. Good luck! Boo

1 comment:

Mr K said...

It's really quite disturbingly true, the one about singing shields up....