Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Poor old Saffy

So Carl took Saffy for a walk yesterday evening and in her usual style she bombed off across the field in search of squirrels and other interesting things. To Carl's alarm she didn't come when she was called. Upon further investigation he found that she'd managed to rip her ear on some barbed wire - blood spurting out in all directions.

She was duly rushed off to the vets and this, poor thing, is the hilarious but heart breaking result :(

She's had to have her ear glued and bandaged down. The minute we take that cone thingy off her head she's scratching like mad so she has to keep it on. Unfortunately she keeps bumping into everything making Carl and I fall about laughing and pointing at her whilst she wears a very wounded expression. Poor sod.

Hope all of you are keeping well. Love Kate xxxx

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