Tuesday, July 18, 2006

local elections

Hello everybody hope you are all well

I stood in South Twickenham in the Richmond Borough council elections in may, here is the result:

elected: Claire Head-Conservative-1,498
David Porter-Conservative-1,462
David Marlow-Conservative-1,444

not elected:Matthew Hull-Liberal Democrat-1,264
Steven Topol-Liberal Democrat-1,260
Michael Butlin-Liberal Democrat-1,246
Douglas Orchard-Independent-357
John Armstrong-Independent-321
Paul Tanto-Labour-254
Howard Marchant-Labour-246

There was a 5% swing from Conservative to Liberal Democrat. The Labour vote was halved.

The candidate statement about me in the election literature said:

"Matthew Hull- Born 11th October 1974. I was educated at Blundells School, Tiverton, Devon. I have a BSC Hons degree in Politics from Plymouth University. I joined the Liberal Democrats in 1991 and have been active in the party since then, for ten years in Devon and for the last five years in Twickenham.
Have worked at the National Archives at Kew as a quality assessor of historical documents. Have worked at the Home Office as a visiting officer for asylum seekers in London. More recently have been working in the financial industry.
Have already been out delivering literature and talking to people about the issues that concern them in preparation for mays elections."

warm regards Matt

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Helen said...

Well done Matt, it was a pretty good result even though you didn't win. I don't know how you can bear to canvass door to door though - awfully depressing I'd have thought Helen